Who owns Mwananchi newspaper?

According to the Director of Tanzania Information Services who also serves as the Registrar of Newspapers in the country, Mwananchi Commmunications Company is owned by Nation Media Group of Kenya (49%) and Bhalo Jehangir Kermali Bhaloo (51%).

Who is Mwananchi?

Mwananchi Communications Ltd is a company based in Tanzania. Mwananchi Communications Ltd, engages in the print media and digital media, and is the publisher of Tanzania’s leading daily newspaper, Mwananchi (in Swahili), and others such as The Citizen, Sunday Citizen, Mwananchi Jumapili, and Mwanaspoti.

Who owns the Citizen newspaper?

The Citizen is a daily newspaper distributed nationally in South Africa….The Citizen (South African newspaper)

Logo of The Citizen newspaper in South Africa
Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) CTP/Caxton
Publisher CTP/Caxton
Editor Trevor Stevens

Is Mwananchi credit legit?

HOAX: ‘Mwananchi Loans’ is not a legitimate lender in Kenya.

Is Mwananchi credit a microfinance?

Mwananchi Credit is the largest microfinance institution (MFI) in Kenya.

Who owns Daily Sun?

Daily Sun (South Africa)

Type Daily newspaper
Owner(s) Naspers
Publisher Naspers
Language English
Headquarters Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Is Mwananchi loan app legit?

‘Mwananchi Loans’ is not a registered lender in Kenya as they claim on the Google form that is used for the loan offer and application. A link to a Google form guiding people on how to apply for soft loans offered by ‘Mwananchi Loans’ is a HOAX.

Which is the best microfinance in Kenya?

Best Microfinance Institutions in Kenya

  1. Choice Microfinance Bank Limited.
  2. Faulu Kenya.
  3. SMEP Microfinance Bank.
  4. KWFT: Kenya Women Microfinance Bank.
  5. Musoni Microfinance Institution.
  6. Uwezo Microfinance Bank Ltd.
  7. Rafiki Microfinance Bank Ltd.
  8. Century Microfinance Bank Ltd.

Is the Herald Sun liberal?

The Herald Sun is a conservative daily tabloid newspaper based in Melbourne, Australia, published by The Herald and Weekly Times, a subsidiary of News Corp Australia, itself a subsidiary of the Murdoch owned News Corp.

Is Daily Sun reliable?

Johannesburg – The Daily Sun newspaper has a readership of 5.6 million, according to Ads24 and the newspaper’s website. “The figure is accurate. It has been verified, even by AMPS [All Media and Products Survey],” public relations officer Daya Coetzee said on behalf of Ads24.