Who owns Valero gas station?

It is currently operated by Alimentation Couche-Tard, which owns the Circle K brand. Valero Gas Station in Haltom City, Texas on Western Center Blvd. that opened in 1986 as Diamond Shamrock, fully converted to Valero in 2005.

Did Valero go out of business?

The San Antonio-based company is reassessing its 1,425 retail sites, after the $5.34-billion acquisition of rival Ultramar Diamond Shamrock Corp. in December. The company will keep the Valero name in California and eventually phase out the other three brands it uses there: Exxon, Beacon and Ultramar.

Where is Valero headquarters?

San Antonio, TXValero Energy / Headquarters

Can I use my Valero card at Circle K?

The Valero gas card can be used for fuel purchases at Valero, Beacon, Diamond Shamrock Shamrock gas stations and Circle K stores. Unfortunately, it is a store card (not on a network like Visa or MasterCard). So you can only use it at those specific gas stations.

What does Valero mean?

Webster Dictionary Valero- a combining form (also used adjectively) indicating derivation from, or relation to, valerian or some of its products, as valeric acid; as in valerolactone, a colorless oily liquid produced as the anhydride of an hydroxy valeric acid.

Who is the CEO of Valero?

Joseph W. Gorder (May 1, 2014–)Valero Energy / CEO

Is Circle K the same as Valero?

Soon, all the Valero convenience stores that remain in El Paso will become Circle K stores.

What bank issues Valero gas card?

DSRM National Bank
It is issued by DSRM National Bank (the initials stand for Diamond Shamrock Refining and Marketing), which was a unit of Diamond Shamrock before it was acquired by Valero.

What language is Valero?


Gender Male
Word/name Latin nomen Valerius
Region of origin Italy

Where does the last name Valero come from?

The Valero surname is derived from the place called Valero, in Salamanca province, Spain.

What is Valero CEO salary?

What is the salary of Joseph Gorder? As the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Valero, the total compensation of Joseph Gorder at Valero is $28,176,000.