Who produced Crazy For You?

Crazy for You (Madonna song)

“Crazy for You”
Producer(s) John “Jellybean” Benitez
Madonna singles chronology
“Material Girl” (1985) “Crazy for You” (1985) “Angel” (1985)
Music video

When was crazy for you musical written?

Adapted from the Gershwins’ 1930 musical Girl Crazy, Crazy For You® opened on Broadway at the Shubert Theatre on February 19, 1992, starring Harry Groener and Jodi Benson. The show ran for four years, playing for 1,622 performances.

Who wrote Crazy for You?

John BettisCrazy for You / LyricistJohn Bettis is an American lyricist. He was originally part of the band Spectrum, which also featured Richard and Karen Carpenter. He wrote the lyrics for “Top of the World”, a hit for both Lynn Anderson and The Carpenters. Wikipedia

Who choreographed Crazy For You?

Susan Stroman
On February 19th, Manhattan Concert Productions will present a 25th Anniversary concert production of Crazy for You directed and choreographed by Susan Stroman, who is now known as Broadway-Legend-Game-Changer Susan Stroman.

Who originally sang crazy?

Crazy (Willie Nelson song)

Label Decca
Songwriter(s) Willie Nelson
Producer(s) Owen Bradley
Patsy Cline singles chronology

What film is the song Crazy for You From?

Vision QuestCrazy for You / Movie

What movie is the song Crazy for You From?

In which decade did Godspell open on Broadway?

The first Broadway production of Godspell opened only a week later on June 22, 1976, at the Broadhurst Theatre. The production transferred to the Plymouth Theatre and then the Ambassador Theatre, where it closed on September 4, 1977. In 2000, Godspell was once again revived Off-Broadway and ran for two months.

Who is Tess in Crazy For You?

Beth Leavel
Cast and characters

Character Broadway (1992) Concert (2017)
Eugene Fodor Stephen Temperley Jack McBrayer
Patricia Fodor Amelia White Rachel Dratch
Tess Beth Leavel Angie Schworer
Perkins/Custus Gerry Burkhardt Jim Borstelmann

What was the original title for the song Crazy?

Such was the case when he arrived in Nashville, Tennessee in 1960, a broke balladeer armed with a trove of songs that would eventually become hits for other artists, including a yearning ballad for a lost lover that was originally called “Stupid,” before getting retitled as “Crazy.”

What song did Willie Nelson wrote for Elvis?

The Texas native has written some of music’s most important titles, from “Crazy,” made famous by Patsy Cline, to “Funny How Times Slips Away,” covered by Elvis Presley.

What was Madonnas first UK hit?

Into the Groove
In 1985, she released her second US number-one single, “Crazy for You”, and her first UK number-one single, “Into the Groove”, both from feature film soundtracks….

Madonna singles discography
Promotional singles 23
Other charted songs 16

What is the musical Crazy For you based on?

Crazy for You is a romantic comedy musical with a book by Ken Ludwig, lyrics by Ira Gershwin, and music by George Gershwin. Billed as “The New Gershwin Musical Comedy”, it is largely based on the songwriting team’s 1930 musical Girl Crazy, but also incorporates songs from several other productions.

Who is the director of Crazy For You?

Crazy for You won the 1992 Tony Award (Broadway) 1993 Olivier Award (London) and 1994 Dora Award (Toronto) for Best Musical. The Broadway production was directed by Mike Ockrent and choreographed by Susan Stroman. It was produced by Roger Horchow, Elizabeth Williams, with associate producers Richard Godwin, and Valerie Gordon.

What happened to the TV show Crazy For You?

The show ended on December 29, 2006, three days before New Year’s Day 2007 and was replaced by Sana Maulit Muli . The show’s title is taken from the 1985 Madonna pop-ballad of the same name . A sequel called, Crazy for You Season 2: The Crazy Sequel, The sequel is planned to air on December 2007.

What is the plot of Crazy For You?

CRAZY FOR YOU is the story of Bobby Child, a well-to-do 1930’s playboy whose dream in life is to dance. And despite the serious efforts of his mother and soon-to-be ex-fiancée, Bobby achieves his dream! It’s a high energy comedy which includes mistaken identity, plot twists, fabulous dance numbers and classic Gershwin music.