Who toured with Queensrÿche in 1991?

Queensrÿche had 56 concerts in 1991 (Page 1)

Date Concert
Sep 21, 1991 AC/DC / Metallica / Queensrÿche / The Black Crowes / Patrick Rondat
Sep 17, 1991 Metallica / Queensrÿche
Sep 14, 1991 Monsters of Rock 1991 Metallica / The Black Crowes / Queensrÿche / Negazione / AC/DC
Sep 11, 1991 Metallica / Queensrÿche

Who toured with Queensrÿche?

Since then Queensryche has weathered numerous lineup changes while continuing to release records and tour with metal mainstays like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.

Who did Queensrÿche open for?

The Warning and Rage for Order (1983–1987) On June 29 and 30, 1983, Queensrÿche was the opening act for Zebra in Portland and Seattle respectively. Kim Harris knew A&R manager Mavis Brodey of EMI-America from the time she was the music director of KZOK-FM, and he convinced her to come to one of these shows.

Did Queensrÿche open for AC DC?

Queensrÿche supported Rage for Order with a tour that included opening for AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Ozzy Osbourne and Ratt, and playing with other bands such as Black ‘n Blue, Fates Warning, Gang Green, Keel and Raven.

What year did Queensryche open for Kiss?

Queensryche opened for Kiss. Yes I did, November 1st 1984 in Lausanne, Switzerland!

When did Queensrÿche open for Kiss?

Yes on my Birthday Nov 20th 1984 it was my first arena show at Market Square Arena in Indianapolis, you knew the place well! My first concert in Spokane. Queensryche opened for Kiss.

Why did Queensrÿche break up?

We spoke with Tate about his difficult final days in Queensryche, the business disagreements that drove them apart, their backstage fight in Brazil, the upcoming lawsuit over the name rights and his future plans as a solo artist.

Who Made Who tour ACDC?

1986 “Who Made Who” US Tour

Date City,Venue, Country
2 Aug. 1986 : Little Rock, AR USA (Barton Coliseum)
3 Aug. 1986 : Kansas City, MO USA (Kemper Arena)
5 Aug. 1986 : Fort Worth, TX USA (Tarrant County Convention Center Arena)
6 Aug. 1986 : Houston, TX USA (The Summit)

What years did AC DC tour Australia?

Black Ice World Tour was a 2008–2010 concert tour by Australian rock band AC/DC, in support of their fifteenth studio album Black Ice (2008).

Who opened for KISS on the Animalize tour?

On January 9th, 1985, I went to my 2nd Kiss concert which as the old arena called the Omni. That arena is no longer around, but the memories I do still have. The opening act was Krokus and they were great.