Who voices England Hetalia?

Scott Freeman
Scott Freeman is a voice actor who used to work for FUNimation, and played the role of Britain/England/UK in Hetalia: Axis Powers/ Hetalia: World Series.

Who voices John Burgmeier?

As a voice actor, he is best known as the voice of Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho, Tien from the Dragon Ball series, Shigure Sohma from Fruits Basket, Eyes Rutherford from Spiral, and Switzerland from Hetalia: Axis Powers. Burgmeier is also the son of voice actress Linda Young.

Who voices Tien Shinhan English?

In the Funimation dub of the series, Tien is voiced by Chris Cason and John Burgmeier.

Who voices Tien?

Hikaru Midorikawa (Toei Animation)
Hirotaka Suzuoki (Toei Animation)Koichi Yamadera (Toei Animation)John Burgmeier (Funimation)Chris Cason (Funimation)
Tien Shinhan/Voiced by

Why did they change akeno’s voice?

Due to Scott Freeman’s arrest for child pornography in late 2014, Josh Grelle voices Issei, cementing him as the de facto voice actor for the character. Kelly Angel replaced Teri Rogers as Akeno due to the latter working as a librarian at the time and was unavailable to dub her lines.

Who does Yuichi Nakamura voice?

Yuichi Nakamura is a Japanese voice actor known for voicing Bruno Buccellatti, Gray Fullbuster, and Satoru Gojo.

Who voices Hatori Sohma?

Kazuhiko InoueHatori Sohma / Voiced by

What race is Yamcha?

ヤムチャ Yamucha
Race Earthling
Birthplace Earth
Birthday March 20, Age 733

Did Rias get a new voice?

Jamie MarchiHigh School DxD
Yōko HikasaHigh School DxD
Rias Gremory/Voiced by

Did Isseis voice change?

FUNimation Entertainment replaced Freeman as the voice of Issei for the High School DxD BorN broadcast dub in May.