Who was a famous boxer in the 1900s?

The Top Ranked Boxers of the 1900s

Rnk Athlete Weight Class
1 Joe Gans Lightweight
2 Jack Johnson Heavyweight
3 Terry McGovern Featherweight
4 Battling Nelson Lightweight

Who were the heavyweight boxing champions?

No defense formalized. International Boxing Federation The International Boxing Federation recognizes but a single champion in the heavyweight division. Oleksander Usyk is recognized as the organization’s world champion. He earned this distinction by defeating Anthony Joshua on September 25, 2021.

Who was the oldest boxing heavyweight champion?

George Edward Foreman
George Foreman, in full George Edward Foreman, (born January 10, 1949, Marshall, Texas, U.S.), American boxer who twice was the world heavyweight champion (1973–74, 1994–95). When Foreman regained the heavyweight title at age 45, he was the oldest world heavyweight champion.

Who are the 4 heavyweight boxing champions?


  • WBA: Oleksandr Usyk.
  • WBC: Tyson Fury.
  • IBF: Oleksandr Usyk.
  • WBO: Oleksandr Usyk.
  • The Ring: Tyson Fury.

Who was the first black heavyweight boxing champion crowned in 1912?

Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson, byname of John Arthur Johnson, (born March 31, 1878, Galveston, Texas, U.S.—died June 10, 1946, Raleigh, N.C.), American boxer who was the first African American to become heavyweight champion.

Who was the first black heavyweight champion?

On Christmas Day in 1908, Johnson, with a taunt behind every punch, gave him a thrashing that ended with a technical knockout in the 14th round. Johnson, the first black heavyweight champion, ostentatiously paraded his wealth and exploited his fame. He infuriated whites who felt Johnson acted above his station.

Who was the oldest to box?

Nottinghamshire boxer, 64, ends career with world title win

  • A British cruiserweight has signed off in style after winning his first world title at the age of 64.
  • Steve Ward, who was previously recognised by Guinness World Records as the oldest active professional male boxer, retired six days ahead of his 65th birthday.

Who was the second black heavyweight champion?

Joe Louis
Joe Louis became the second black boxer to win the world heavyweight title when he defeated James Braddock in eight rounds in Chicago on June 22, 1937. That was 80 years ago.