Who was Black Widow interrogation in Avengers?

The confrontation brings her journey as an Avenger full circle, even if it’s a different team that helps her in Black Widow. Natasha and Dreykov’s meeting in her movie is something of an interrogation – on both sides.

How was Black Widow psychologically conditioned?

Natasha was brainwashed through psychological conditioning, but Yelena had her brain chemically altered. Despite Yelena’s brainwashing being more complete, though, it was undone far more easily. Yelena simply inhaled a mysterious red mist that instantaneously (if not realistically) negated her chemical mind control.

What movie is Black Widow Interrogation in?

The Avengers (2012)
Black Widow Interrogation Scene | The Avengers (2012) Movie CLIP 4K.

What does Loki say to Black Widow?

THE RED ON BLACK WIDOW’S LEDGER EXPLAINED In the scene from The Avengers that Feige is referring to, Natasha tells Loki she has red in her ledger that she wants to wipe out. Loki then taunts her by saying “can you wipe out that much red? Dreykov’s daughter, São Paulo, the hospital fire… Your ledger is dripping.”

Who is Dreykov’s daughter?

Antonia is the daughter of General Dreykov, the overseer of the secret Russian Red Room Academy. As a young girl, she was used by the rogue Black Widow Natasha Romanoff to track down her father.

How did Natasha not get brainwashed?

While the main plot saw the characters using a red substance to counteract the widows’ brainwashing, it’s still unclear who released Natasha from her own. Though it’s never confirmed, it’s possible Nick Fury and Clint Barton took some part in breaking Black Widow’s conditioning.

How was Natasha not brainwashed?

She had to contend with being overtaken by a long-dormant persona “Oktober,” part of her conditioning in the Red Room Academy. Thanks to Iron Man, Natasha broke free of the brainwashing.

Will there be a Black Widow 2?

Scarlett Johannson, who played the titular role, has confirmed that she will not be returning to any movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, for now, there doesn’t seem to be a chance for a sequel to the original action-packed Black Widow movie.

What did Loki call Natasha?

During their conversation, Loki calls Black Widow a ‘mewling qu*m’. However, if you Google this word, it has a very derogatory meaning and it’s used in an offensive way for women. It was quite a shock to see how director Joss Whedon had used the C-word in a Disney film by actually not saying it in its known form.