Who was Moshzilla?

Take the Web phenomenon known as “Moshzilla.” Earlier this year, 19-year-old student Alex Stram took his new digital camera to a San Diego hardcore rock show, snapped a slew of pictures and posted them to his online photo gallery.

Where did mosh pits originate?

Moshing usually happens in the centre of the crowd, generally closer to the stage, in an area called the “mosh pit”. It is intended to be energetic and full of body contact. The dance style originated in the hardcore punk scenes of California and Washington, D.C. around 1980.

What is the point of moshing?

Pit etiquette: To the untrained eye, a mosh pit looks like a bunch of morons running into and fighting one another. Its purpose, however, is not to injure, but rather to release frustrations and celebrate music.

Who invented moshpit?

Mosh/Mash. Finally we get what would be recognised as a Mosh Pit today, invented in the early 80s at hardcore punk shows. Originally called ‘Mashing’ in Fanzines of the time, though still pronounced ‘Moshing’, there is no definite origin to the term or credit to who invented it.

How do you survive a mosh pit girl?


  1. If you have medium to long hair, TIE IT UP IN A BUN.
  2. I prefer to wear shorts or a skirt rather than pants so when it gets really hot in the pit my legs can get some air.
  3. It’s fine to wear makeup.
  4. Do not wear a long sleeve top or hoodie.

Why is it called moshpit?

Fans and bands began to call the dances done during these bands’ sets mashing. Bands like Bad Brains and Scream began encouraging crowds to mash as early as 1981. It was Bad Brains’ lead singer H.R. who changed the name to “mosh” rather than “mash” because of his Jamaican accent being misunderstood by fans.

Do mosh pits still exist?

With the emergence of hard core EDM festivals the mosh pit has developed away from slam dancing to more up-tempo dance moves, so irrespective of the genre a mosh pits of sorts still exist and are unlikely to disappear any time soon.

What is the Wall of Death?

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Can you mosh a skirt?

If you wear a skirt make sure it’s not too flowy because it might ride up when moshing or wear bike shorts underneath. It’s fine to wear makeup. You will be sweaty so some of it will come off. Try using a setting spray or waterproof stuff.