Who was the first African to be nominated to Legco?

Eliud Mathu became the first African member when he was nominated by the Governor to represent the African community at the 1944 election.

Who was the first attorney general of Kenya?

Charles Mugane Njonjo
Charles Njonjo

Charles Mugane Njonjo
Njonjo as Kenyan Attorney General, c. 1970
Attorney General of Kenya
In office 1963–1973
Succeeded by James B. Karugu

What was Kenya called in 1961?

The Colony and Protectorate of Kenya, commonly known as British Kenya or British East Africa, was part of the British Empire in Africa.

Who was the first African minister in Kenya?

Appolo Ohanga was the first black Kenyan cabinet minister in the Colonial Period.

Who was the first British Governor in Kenya?

General Sir Edward Northey
British Kenya (1920-1963) Pre-Crisis Phase (July 23, 1920-September 25, 1952): Kenya, which was part of the British East Africa Protectorate, was declared a British colony on July 23, 1920. Major-General Sir Edward Northey was appointed as the first Governor of the British colony of Kenya.

Who is the first Attorney General?

M. C. Setalvad
The first Attorney General of India was M. C. Setalvad and the present Attorney General of India is K. K. Venugopal.

How many courts are in Kenya?

Courts. The Judiciary of Kenya consists of five Superior courts made up of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, High Court, Industrial Court, Environment and Land Court. The subordinate courts consist of the Magistrate Court, Courts Martial and Kadhi Court.

Who founded Kenya?

The first president and founding father of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta.

Who was the first Kenyan Minister?

Prime ministers of Kenya (1963–2013)

No. Name (Birth–Death)
Prime Minister of Kenya (1963–1964)
1 Jomo Kenyatta (1891–1978)
Prime Minister of the Republic of Kenya
Post abolished (12 December 1964 – 17 April 2008)