Who was the girl in the Mysterious Girl video?

Andre’s relationship with his Australian girlfriend, Katharine Maddock, hit the skids when the singer shot the song’s video in Thailand and had an affair with his female co-star in the clip, Jan Pen.

Is Peter Andre single?

Andre and Emily married on 11 July 2015 near Exeter at Mamhead House. On 22 November 2016, they had a son, Theodore James.

What happened bubbler RANX?

The Jamaican rapper enjoyed one hit wonder status with his appearance on the 1996 hit song and even got to be in the music video with pop star Peter. However, these days, Bubbler Ranx appears to have quit rapping and is now living in London as a preacher.

When did Peter Andre Mysterious Girl come out?

16.09. 1995
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What is the meaning of Mysterious Girl?

noun. A woman about whom little is known; an enigmatic or secretive woman.

What age is Peter Andre?

49 years (February 27, 1973)Peter Andre / Age

How old is Emily MacDonagh?

32 years (August 16, 1989)Emily MacDonagh / Age

How much does Peter Andre earn?

According to The Richest, Peter has a net worth of £12.3million. Peter’s income comes via many different channels. Whilst his music career took off in the 90’s, Peter has since branched into reality TV, ladies fragrance and even coffee shops!

What is meant by a mysterious death?

symbolically killing one’s internet unique identity. [Tech.] !

How can I be mysterious?

The key to being mysterious is to keep yourself as private and unknown as possible. The easiest way to keep people from learning too much about you is to spend less time with them and talk to them less. Spend most of your free time alone and/or with people that know the real you so that you appear distant to others.

How old is Emily Andre?