Who was Top 10 American Idol 2010?

Top 10

  • Michael Lynche.
  • Didi Benami.
  • Casey James.
  • Andrew Garcia.
  • Katie Stevens (bottom 3)

Who were the top 10 on season 9 of American Idol?

American Idol 2010 Top 10 (Season 9) Top to bottom – Siobhan Magnus, Lee DeWyze, Didi Benami, Andrew Garcia, Casey… American idol, American idol winner, Idol.

Who did Haley Reinhart lose to?

Scotty McCreery
Pop-jazz singer Haley Reinhart placed 3rd after Lauren Alaina and Season 10 winner, Scotty McCreery. Reinhart first auditioned for “American Idol” Season 9 but was eliminated before the Hollywood round. Reinhart has released four studio albums since her loss in 2011.

Who won the 2010 American Idol?

In 2010, a then 24-year-old Lee DeWyze beat out Crystal Bowersox, Michael Lynche and Casey James for the coveted title of American Idol. The Illinois native went on to win Choice TV: Male Reality/Variety Star at the Teen Choice Awards later that year.

Did Tori Kelly win American Idol in 2010?

In 2010, Tori auditioned for Season 9 of American Idol in Denver, Colorado and made it through to Hollywood Week but did not reach the “Top 24” of the artists. She had claimed that she was ‘devastated’ but she had given it her all.

Who is American Idol Top 12?

Top 12

Michael Lynche “Miss You” (The Rolling Stones) Safe
Lacey Brown “Ruby Tuesday” (The Rolling Stones) Eliminated
Andrew Garcia “Gimme Shelter” (The Rolling Stones) Safe
Katie Stevens “Wild Horses” (The Rolling Stones) Safe
Tim Urban “Under My Thumb” (The Rolling Stones) Bottom 3

Who Won 10th season of American Idol?

On May 25, 2011, after 122.4 million votes were cast for the finale (and nearly 750 million votes for the seasonal total), Scotty McCreery was crowned the winner of the tenth season of American Idol, making him the youngest male winner at 17 years and seven months old, and the second youngest winner ever behind sixth …

Who came in second on American Idol season 10?

She performed “Hello, Goodbye” for the Las Vegas’ Beatles round with Scotty McCreery and Denise Jackson. Alaina was announced as the runner-up and was signed to 19/Interscope/Mercury Nashville, and her debut album, Wildflower, was released on October 11, 2011.

Who will make the Top 14 on American Idol?

Gabby Barrett,18,Pittsburgh,Pa.: It’s almost as if Gabby has been preparing for this her entire life. And she’s ready.

  • Cade Foehner,22,Shelbyville,Texas: Wow,those last three solos,especially “No Good” in the showcase round…They were something special.
  • Catie Turner,18,Langhorne,Pa.: She wouldn’t be a traditional American Idol.
  • Who made the top 10 on ‘American Idol’?

    Who made it through to the Top 10 on American Idol. Grace Kinstler, Casey Bishop, Willie Spence, Alyssa Wray, Caleb Kennedy, DeShawn Goncalves, Chayce Beckham, Cassandra Coleman, Hunter Metts

    Who are the top 25 American Idol?

    Alyssa Wray

  • Ava August
  • Beane
  • Caleb Kennedy
  • Casey Bishop
  • Cassandra Coleman
  • Chayce Beckham
  • Deshawn Goncalves
  • Grace Kinstler
  • Hunter Metts
  • Who is likely to win American Idol?

    Kree Harrison: Our pick to win American Idol ‘s 12th season is the down-to-earth 22-year-old from Texas. The reasoning? First and foremost, she’s got the best personality of the whole group, able to casually and comfortably banter with the judges, even as Nicki Minaj is comparing her to waffles and proposing marriage.