Who Won Survivor 30th season?

Mike Holloway
The two-hour season finale and one-hour reunion special aired on May 20, 2015, where Mike Holloway was named the winner over Carolyn Rivera and Will Sims II in a 6–1–1 vote.

Who are the final 3 in season 30 of Survivor?

Dan Foley, Sierra Dawn Thomas and Rodney Lavoie Jr. during the thirteenth episode of SURVIVOR on the 30th season, Wednesday, May 13 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Who voted for Carolyn Survivor 30?

At Tribal Council, Tyler, Max Dawson, and Shirin Oskooi sided with Carolyn and So was blindsided in a 4-2 vote with So and Joaquin voting for Carolyn. Masaya then won the next three Immunity Challenges keeping them safe from Tribal Council.

Where is Mike from Survivor now?

Mike currently works as a commercial real estate estate agent.

Did Joe ever win Survivor?

Joe and Kelley won, and received $100,000. Joe married fellow Worlds Apart cast member Sierra Dawn Thomas on November 24, 2019.

Is Shirin from Survivor A Millionaire?

Survivor Contestant Shirin Oskooi Has No Regrets About Revealing Millionaire Status.

Why did Chanelle vote for Mike?

Mike voted for me in case of Daniel’s shot in the dark. I voted for him in case of Daniel’s shot in the dark. We made the exact same moves. And, for some reason — and I think this is a bigger theme — I am vilified for it.

Who voted for Mike season 30?

His plan was successful, and Lavoie became the eighth and final member of the jury. Months later, on May 20, 2015, it was revealed that the jury of eight ultimately awarded Holloway the win with six votes; Lavoie voted for Sims, Thomas voted for Rivera, and the rest voted for Holloway.

Are Joe and Sierra still together?

Although they didn’t start dating immediately after the show, they became a couple a few years later and announced their engagement on April 9, 2019. Just before Thanksgiving 2019, the couple said “I Do” in a magical Utah wedding ceremony. In 2022, the couple is expecting their second child.