Who won the Australian Grand Prix?

Charles Leclerc
Winner: Charles Leclerc The 24-year-old secured pole position by the biggest margin so far this year and went on to dominate the Grand Prix to secure his second win of the season and fourth of his career.

Who won the drivers championship in 2012?

Sebastian Vettel won the 2012 Formula One World Championship for drivers.

How many races did Lewis Hamilton win 2012?

four races
Position. Lewis Hamilton’s 2012 season was his sixth season in Formula One. He won four races in the season, in Canada, Hungary, Italy and America. He was fourth in the Driver’s Championship, 17 points behind third place Kimi Räikkönen.

Why did F1 leave Adelaide?

Victoria struck a secret deal with Ecclestone to take over if South Australia ever let it go. Leading up to the 1993 state election, both the Labor and Liberal parties were unwilling to commit to renewing the contract and this indecision essentially handed the event to Melbourne.

How old is Charles Leclerc?

24 years (October 16, 1997)Charles Leclerc / Age

Who is the best f1 driver of all time?

Lewis Hamilton – 103 wins. In terms of career wins and total career points, Lewis Hamilton is the best Formula 1 driver to have ever graced a circuit.

Which F1 driver died in Adelaide?

Ashley Cooper
Ashley Cooper (racing driver)

Ashley Cooper
Nationality Australian
Born 11 July 1980 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Died 25 February 2008 (aged 27) Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Fujitsu V8 Supercar Series

Who brought the Grand Prix to Melbourne?

The Grand Prix returned to Albert Park in 1956, Melbourne’s Olympic Games year to play host to a group of visiting European teams, led by Stirling Moss and the factory Maserati racing team who brought a fleet of 250F Grand Prix cars and 300S sports racing cars.