Who wrote the song Rock me mama like a Wagon Wheel?

Ketch Secor
Bob DylanArthur Crudup
Wagon Wheel/Composers

Is Wagon Wheel the best country song?

1 hit, “Wagon Wheel,” has been certificated by the RIAA as 8X Platinum for sales of 8 million units. The tune, which was written by Bob Dylan and Old Crow Medicine Show’s Ketch Secor, is now one of the Top 5 best-selling country songs of all time as certified by the RIAA.

Who wrote Old Crow Medicine Show Wagon Wheel?

Bob Dylan
Ketch Secor
Wagon Wheel/Lyricists

Who has covered Wagon Wheel?


Title Performer Release date
Wagon Wheel Nathan Carter June 15, 2012
Wagon Wheel Green Room Rockers 2012
Wagon Wheel Darius Rucker January 7, 2013
Wagon Wheel The Clef Hangers April 13, 2013

Who made Wagon Wheel famous?

“Wagon Wheel,” originally released by Old Crow Medicine Show in 2004, was written by the band’s lead singer Ketch Secor and was based on a sketch by Bob Dylan, who is credited as a co-writer. The single appears on Rucker’s Gold-certified, No. 1 album True Believers, and has accumulated over 960 million global streams.

When did the song Wagon Wheel come out?

2013Wagon Wheel / Released

What religion has a ship wheel?

DHARMA WHEEL (BUDDHISM) – The dharma wheel, or dharma chakra in Sanskrit, is one of the oldest symbols of Buddhism. Around the globe it is used to represent Buddhism in the same way that a cross represents Christianity or a Star of David represents Judaism. It is also one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism.

What does a broken wagon wheel mean?

Product Information. The Broken Spoke wagon wheel sympathy arrangement. The spokes represent the people living The Broken Spoke represents the person that passed away.