Why did Raging Waters in Sacramento close?

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Raging Waters in Sacramento was closed Sunday due to a burst pipe, management told FOX40. General manager Rick Iafrate said the pipe was in the main kids’ area and would take a few days to fix. The park posted to its Facebook page that it was closed for “unexpected conditions.”

Is Raging Waters good for kids?

Raging Waters Los Angeles Older kids will love the Aqua Rocket, the West Coast’s first and only hydromagnetic coaster! Smaller kids can play in four different size-appropriate areas like Kid’s Kingdom, The Little Dipper Lagoon and Splash Island Adventure, which all boast multiple slides, pools, tunnels, and waterfalls.

How many acres is raging waters California?

With 50 beautifully landscaped acres of slides and attractions, we offer family fun and thrills for everyone.

Who owns Raging Waters in Sacramento?

Palace Entertainment
Raging Waters Sacramento is a water park located on the Cal Expo grounds in Sacramento, California. The park is owned and operated by Palace Entertainment. The park has been formerly known as WaterWorld USA and Six Flags Waterworld….Raging Waters Sacramento.

Raging Waters
Operating season May–September
Website Official website

How many raging waters are there in California?

Raging Waters are a chain of four water theme parks in Sacramento, San Dimas, San Jose, California, and Sydney, Australia. The parks are operated by Palace Entertainment and owned by its parent company Parques Reunidos, but they each contain different attractions.

Can I bring snacks into raging waters?

Raging Waters, San Jose is concerned about your safety. Therefore we do not allow any outside food or beverages or glass of any kind to be brought inside the waterpark. However, sealed plastic bottles of water are permitted.

How deep are the pools in Raging Waters?

Thrill seekers free fall from two unique “drop-out” slides and plunge six feet down into a 10-foot-deep pool. Must be at least 48″ tall to ride.

Who is the owner of Raging Waters?

Raging Waters

Industry Water park
Area served California, United States
Owner Palace Entertainment
Parent Parques Reunidos
Website www.ragingwaters.com