Why did the Lakers let go of Dwight Howard?

He became a favorite of fans for his hustle and work ethic, but apparently the Lakers felt they couldn’t afford him and let him walk. Howard, 35, also won a championship in 2020 during his second stint with the Lakers, playing with force and energy for the team, but he joined the Philadelphia 76ers last offseason.

Who did Kobe say was the hardest to guard?

When asked about his rival, Kobe Bryant gave McGrady the ultimate compliment. “He could do everything I could, but he was 6’10. He had no weaknesses in his game, he could score from anywhere and defend. He’s the hardest player I have ever had to guard.”

When did Kobe dunk on Dwight Howard?

Kobe Bryant on his dunk over Dwight Howard in 2004. Kobe split a screen set by Lamar Odom and detonated on Dwight in the 3rd quarter, leading to one of the best posters we’ve ever seen. Following the game, Bryant was asked about the dunk he had over Howard.

Why did the Lakers get rid of McGee?

In November, the Los Angeles Lakers traded JaVale McGee to the Cleveland Cavaliers because — to put it as plainly as possible — he was making too much money.

What happened between Dwight Howard and ad?

Davis and Howard began arguing late in the second quarter during a Phoenix timeout. Howard rose from his seat as the two talked, and he was then grabbed and shoved by Davis. Both players then tumbled into the Lakers bench before they were separated. Both Davis and Howard downplayed the incident postgame.

What happened with Dwight and ad?

Los Angeles Lakers teammates Anthony Davis and Dwight Howard were involved in a heated exchange in the first half of Friday night’s loss to the Phoenix Suns. During a timeout in the second quarter, Davis and Howard had to be separated by teammates after the pair started jawing on the bench.

Who is the hardest to guard in NBA?

Dwyane Wade has been in the NBA for a long time, and he has had a chance to defend against some of the best players in the world. Dwyane has averaged over 22 points per game throughout his NBA career and was a dominant player till the end of his career.

Did Kobe ever get posterized?

“Kobe Bryant got dunked on by 37 year old Charles Barkley”: When the Rockets star put the young Lakers legend on a poster in the Playoffs. A 37 year old Charles Barkley once put Kobe Bryant on a poster when the Rockets played the Lakers in the 1999 NBA Playoffs.

Did Kobe dunk on LeBron James?

LeBron James and Kobe Bryant did the same dunk on the same basket 19 years apart. In a game against Houston on Thursday, James jumped off his left foot, gripped the ball with both hands and swept it with outstretched arms from the right side of his face around his lower body and made a two-handed reverse jam.