Why do people make pretty notes?

Colorful notes boost creativity and inspiration, which fuel your motivation to study and help you come up with new ideas. Highlighting key ideas emphasizes them and acts as a reminder to help you remember important details. If you decide to highlight, having a simple highlighting guide is beneficial in locating things.

How do you take colorful notes?

Here is the ultimate checklist to color code your notes in the best way:

  1. Use the Right Tools for Color Coding [highlighters, multi-color pens, colored pencils)
  2. Write First, Color-Code Next!
  3. Stick to a Constant Color Pattern.
  4. Don’t Color Code Everything.
  5. Create Your Unique Color Coding Key.

Do teachers like aesthetic notes?

However, AVID teacher Jamie Newcomer said there’s nothing wrong with taking aesthetically-pleasing notes, stating taking aesthetic notes might be the best style of note-taking for an individual.

Is making pretty notes a waste of time?

No taking notes is not a waste of time as some students find it easier to remember all the concepts by reading and taking notes simultaneously. You can get handwritten readymade notes from LectureNotes to only write important points while reading so that you will save much time for reading. , That’s the basic question.

How do you make a creative note?

Color code your notes Color coding is not only an excellent way to keep your study notes organized, but it’s actually been proven to improve how well you visualise and remember information—as color stimulates the creative part of the brain. Plus, it makes them much more appealing to look at!

What color is best for notes?

Writing notes in blue ink won’t have a huge impact on your retention; however, blue notes will still be memorable because blue is known to be a trustworthy color that resonates within people.