Why do soldiers put tape on grenades?

Every day a Soldier somewhere will tape the safety pin and lever of a freshly issued hand grenade. Sometimes he will tape the safety pin to keep it from clanging, or he will tape a grenade to his combat vest or he will tape it for no other reason than he was told to.

Are Mk 2 grenades still used?

The Mk 2 was gradually phased out of service as the M26-series (M26/M61/M57) grenade was introduced during the Korean War. Due to the tremendous quantity manufactured during World War II the Mk 2 was still in limited issue with the US Army and US Marine Corps throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

What are the squares on grenades for?

These large metal squares were meant to become unpredictable bullets. In 1918 American Mk2 grenade came along and it also had quite deep grooves, dividing the outer surface into squares. Other countries also used this design solution, but some decades later new grenades came out completely smooth.

What does a blue spoon on a grenade mean?

M69 Practice Grenade The M69 has a blue-painted lever and a blue body with white markings. This is to indicate that it is a safe practice grenade rather than a live fragmentation grenade like the M33 or M67.

How much is a M67 grenade?

The most used military hand grenade is the M67 grenade. The cost of a single M67 grenade in 2021 was about $45. However, that is the price that the Department of Defense (DoD) pays for the grenade. Grenades on the black market sell for about $100 each.

Why don’t we use pineapple grenades?

“stick” anti personnel grenades fell out of favour due to the following. The mills bomb and later “pineapple” type grenades were just cheaper and you could carry more. Transport was also an issue.

What replaced the MK2 grenade?

On 2 April 1945, the Mk II was redesignated the Mk 2. The Mk. 2 was replaced by the M26-series (M26/M61/M57) and later M33 series (M33/M67). It was phased out gradually in service beginning with the Korean War.

Can you Repin a grenade?

Any article on the discussion of grenade usage would be remiss in not answering the additional question often posed of whether you can put the pin back in after you’ve pulled it and still have it be safe to let go of the lever- the answer is yes, but this must be done VERY carefully, as letting up even a little on the …

What is a Mk 2 grenade used for?

Mk 2 grenade. The Mk 2 grenade (initially known as the Mk II) is a fragmentation type anti-personnel hand grenade introduced by the U.S. armed forces in 1918. It was the standard issue anti-personnel grenade used during World War II and in later conflicts, including the Vietnam War.

What is a Mark II fragmentation grenade?

U.S. Mark II Fragmentation Hand Grenade, WWII and After Mark II Grenade Construction and Function The “mouse trap” fuze design, developed for the Mk.II in 1918, proved to be one of the most successful grenade fuze concepts.

What kind of fuses are in a Mk 2 grenade?

It was also commonly referred to as a “frag” grenade, in contrast to other types of grenades such as the Mk 3 grenade concussion grenade . The Mk 2 used the M5, M6, M10, M11, or M204 series fuses.

What is the green stuff on a grenade?

The “green” stuff is a yellow varnish applied to the base plug with the grenade inverted. This was to seal the body from moisture. The grenade also contained a black powder spotting charge and were issued ready to use.