Why does 50 Cent have beef with Trav?

In this flashback, Trav opened up about having differences with 50 Cent, which came to an altercation at a 2013 event in Atlanta. Trav explained that he was having arguments with 50 Cent prior to the incident, and he didn’t appreciate Fif sending a message through strangers to talk with him.

Who did 50 Cent push?

50 called Meek to the stage…and that’s when things got interesting. As Meek was walking on stage, he had an old associate of 50’s, Trav, who is now with Maybach Music. 50 said “not you,” and pushed Trav. (In the video, it’s the guy to the left of Meek Mill, in a white shirt that says “Sky’s Not the Limit.”)

Who is Trav G Unit?

Travis Daniel Lashley (born August 13, 1987), better known by his stage name Trav is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor from Queens, New York….Trav (musician)

Born August 13, 1987 Jamaica, Queens, New York, United States
Genres Hip hop
Occupation(s) Rapper songwriter Record label owner businessman

What did Trav say about 50?

Last week, former G-Unit affiliate Trav went off on 50 Cent, exposing the 44-year old as a bad friend who used the people around him for material but wouldn’t even pay for their gas when they were riding with him. It turns out, the attack didn’t come out of the blue.

Who is Slowbucks?

Slow Bucks is made up of Windsor “Slow” Lubin and Rodney “Bucks” Charlemagne. The pair run Slowbucks, an entertainment company that includes their clothing line, Slowbucks, as well as their online social networking platform for musicians called, Slowbucks.tv.

Who is Trav signed to?

EMPIRETrav / Record label

Who is Ashanti’s sister?

Kenashia DouglasAshanti / Sister

Who is Slowbucks CEO?

Slow (who is CEO and co-owner of the Slowbucks clothing brand) held a press conference in New York City last week where he alleged that 50 Cent was trying to hurt his brand with the robbery.

Who was Ashanti abused by?

(Kenashia publicly dated and announced her engagement to entrepreneur Slowbucks in December 2016.) According to Kenashia, the abuse began in the last two to three years of the relationship to the point where he “broke her teeth.” Tina Douglas, the girls’ mother, chimed in and said: Me and Ashanti were together.

Does Ashanti’s sister have kids?

She also shared images of a baby bump and sonogram. Seeing that Shia doesn’t have any children, this may have been her way of revealing that she had a miscarriage. In the video, during those tough images, Douglas narrates, “Our experiences begin to shape our realities.

Who hit Ashanti’s sister?

Last year, after Shia shared pictures of the injuries she suffered due to the domestic abuse, 50 Cent accused Slowbucks of being abusive towards her.