Why does Canada have 7 different colours?

The national colours of Canada (French: Couleurs nationales du Canada) were declared by King George V in 1921 to be red and white and are most prominently evident on the country’s national flag. Red is symbolic of England and white of France, the colours having been used representatively by those countries in the past.

Why is there a maple leaf on the Canadian flag?

Most poignantly, it is a single maple leaf that is carved upon many of the headstones of Canadian service men and women who gave their lives in the 2 world wars. For many, the maple leaf was a shared symbol of pride, courage and loyalty. Stone marking the grave of an unknown soldier from the First World War.

What does the maple leaf represent?

Today, the maple leaf is a recognized symbol of Canada; it has also come to symbolize unity, tolerance, and peace.

Why is the Canadian flag purple?

One Canadian put purple on his coat of arms “because it was a mixture of red and blue, and for him this symbolized both England and France together,” said Ms. Boudreau.

What does the blue Canadian flag mean?

The thin blue line symbol is a black and white Canadian flag with a solid blue line running through it, symbolizing the line officers walk daily between life and death.

What does a black Canadian flag mean?

“The dark colour of the flag is purposely subdued to show respect, and the ‘thin blue line’ symbolizes the police line between good and evil, for honourably serving and protecting our communities, principles that Heidi Stevenson stood for, and gave her life for.”

Why does the Canadian maple leaf have 11 points?

The original design for the maple leaf on the National Flag of Canada had 13 points. This design was hard to recognize as a maple leaf when seen from a distance or floating in windy conditions, so it was changed to its current 11-point design to improve the clarity of the symbol.

What does an orange Canadian flag mean?

the spirit of reconciliation
Orange is the colour chosen to symbolize the spirit of reconciliation. The ATA also lowered the flags at its headquarters at Barnett House in Edmonton to commemorate the discovery of the remains of 215 children at a former residential school in Kamloops, B.C.

What does the red maple leaf symbolize Canada?

The maple leaf had been a national symbol since at least 1868, and its red colour has been described as a symbol of Canadian sacrifice during World War I. Pearson’s original flag proposal showed three red maple leaves on a white field with narrow blue vertical stripes at either end.

Why is there blue in the Canadian flag?

The flag adds blue lining stripes to the red flag of Canada to represent the unity of Canadian francophones (blue) and anglophones (red).

What does a blue Canadian flag represent?

The Thin Blue Line will always stand as strong and united as the country they protect. This flag serves as a stark reminder of the men and women that have given their lives to defend Canada. To fly this flag is to show your respect for the heroes of Canadian Law Enforcement.

What do the colors of the Canadian flag symbolize?

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    – CAN/CGSB-98.1-2011, National Flag of Canada (Outdoor Use); – CAN/CGSB-98.2-2011, National Flag of Canada (Indoor Use); and – CAN/CGSB-98.3-M91 (Reaffirmed 2012), National Flag of Canada (One-Event Only Use).

    What do the symbols mean on the Canadian flag?

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    A red ensign with a fleur-de-lis,recognizing Canada’s French history,and the Union Jack.

  • Three joined maple leaves between blue borders.
  • A single red maple leaf design between red borders.