Why does Imgur take so long to upload?

Imgur has just informed us this is resolved. An anti-spam mechanism they use was causing a DNS timeout on image uploads, adding almost exactly 10 seconds of latency to every upload. You should find all image uploads speedy once again across the network.

How do I find my post on Imgur?

Viewing my posts You can view all of your posts anytime from within your Imgur profile under ‘Posts’ (imgur.com/user//posts). Your profile displays Public posts (those shared with the Imgur community) and Hidden posts (those accessible only to you and via direct URL), or all together.

What happens to images uploaded to Imgur?

All content is user submitted, and Imgur does not own the copyright for images uploaded to our site, thus cannot grant permission for their use. If the image is associated with an account, we recommend contacting the user for permission using Imgur chat.

Do images stay on Imgur forever?

Forever! An image is only removed if deletion is requested.

Does Imgur delete images?

Imgur may delete or remove public posts that break our terms of service or community rules. To request the deletion of a post or image, please submit the URL to our removal request form.

Why is Imgur not loading?

You may want to check that your ISP isn’t blocking or throttling access to Imgur; unfortunately, if your ISP has chosen to block Imgur traffic, we cannot resolve these issues on your behalf. If your ISP is not blocking traffic, your computer might be having a hard time resolving the i.imgur.com domain.

How do I make my post public on Imgur?

Selecting “Share With Community” will make your post public. Post privacy settings can be toggled at any time from within the post itself. If at any point you want to make your post public, you can simply visit the URL while logged into your account and select “Share with Community” or “Make Public.”

Do my views count on Imgur?

Did you know that all posts have analytics available for your hungry brain to ingest? Well, now you do! Across all of our platforms, we will show analytics on all public posts which may include views, votes, comments, favorites, and bandwidth usage.

What is hidden on Imgur?

When you upload a post to Imgur, you have two post privacy options: Hidden and Public. A hidden post means that your post is not shared with the general Imgur community and can only be accessed via the URL. Hidden posts cannot be searched, will not receive comments or votes, and will not appear in your user profile.

Does Imgur delete inactive accounts?

To help keep your account active, be sure to log in at least once per year. Please note that accounts may be permanently removed due to prolonged inactivity.

How does Imgur make money?

Imgur is already profitable thanks to its paid Pro subscriptions and deals with advertisers, but now it seems that Imgur has its eyes set on other types of monetization. As head of special initiatives, Hwang will be responsible for forming partnerships with brands, and throwing in-person events for the Imgur community.

How do I delete an Imgur upload?

Navigate to your profile using the icon at the bottom righthand corner of the menu bar (this icon looks like a person). Tap on the post you want to delete. Next tap on the three dot menu button in the upper right-hand corner. Select ‘delete’.