Why does Rask confess?

He is sympathetic to Raskolnikov, he says, and urges him to confess. He claims that he has proof of Raskolnikov’s guilt and that Raskolnikov would look better in the eyes of the judge if he confessed before the evidence was produced. If he confesses, Porfiry promises to put in a good word with the judge.

Who is Nikolay in Crime and Punishment?

Nikolay is one of the men who is painting in the building when Raskolnikov kills the two women. He is also the proud owner of the last name Dementyev, which sounds a bit like the name of a Russian Dementor. He’s first accused of the murders, then confesses to them.

Who did Raskolnikov confess?

Raskolnikov has committed a double murder and gotten away with it. He confesses to Sonia, the merciful, suffering prostitute whose life has become intertwined with his own. My friends, this scene, Part 5 Chapter 4 of Crime and Punishment, is one of the most intense, beautiful, and surprising scenes I’ve ever read.

Why does Raskolnikov almost confess?

Raskolnikov confesses to Sonya because she is so good and inspires Raskolnikov to become a better man. By the novel’s end, he sees himself for what he is and Sonya for who she is, a wonderful person who is not defined by what she had to do to survive.

How many times does Raskolnikov confess?

After many attempts and thoughts of confession (at least ten times) Raskolnikov almost makes an open confession, but he cannot yet formulate his crime into words.

Why does Raskolnikov want to confess?

It has nothing to do with attrition or guilt, but rather has everything to do with wanting his crime to be discovered. He wants to confess, and yet, he doesn’t. It’s a case of tempting fate. Raskolnikov consistently pushes the envelope… talks to much, exposes himself.

Why does Raskolnikov kiss the ground?

As he goes to confess, he does not understand Sonya’s grief since he is doing what she had asked. But he remembers her advice to go to the cross-roads and as he kneels and kisses the ground, a roar of laughter erupts from all who were around him. Some thought he was drunk; others thought him mad.

Where does Nikolai find the earrings?

Razumihin tells how a house painter, Nikolai, had discovered a pair of gold earrings belonging to Alena Ivanovna in the first-floor apartment in which he had been painting on the day of the murder.