Why is BL famous in Thailand?

“They might have thought BL was merely a niche market.” In Thailand, BL is popular mainly among young women, as the country is more accepting of the LGBTQ community than most other Asian countries. The elaborate Thai BL dramas demonstrate that quality entertainment works.

What is GMMTV first BL series?

‘A Tale of Thousand Stars’ is GMMTV’s First BL Series in a Non-Campus Setting. GMMTV, one of Thailand’s leading entertainment company known for producing Boys Love (BL) series, is gearing up for their next offering: “A Tale of Thousand Stars.”

What was the first Thai BL?

Fujimoto says the history of BL series in Thailand dates back to 2013, when the first genuine BL drama was screened. In 2016, a series called Sotus was a huge hit.

Are there any BL dramas on Netflix?

Are There Any BL Dramas on Netflix? You’d be glad to know that Netflix has a whole lineup of BL and LGBT romance of these shows. The concept first originated in Japan and Thailand but became actually popular when Netflix aired some of the best BL shows for its international viewers.

How do I contact GMMTV?

You can check order status & send your feedback @ Customer Service gmm-tv.com/shop/contact or Call +662 669 8999 Monday – Friday 9.00 am. – 6 pm.

Is BL popular in Philippines?

Within the last month, the Thai BL (Boys’ Love) series 2gether from broadcaster GMMTV has become a massive hit in the Philippines. Hundreds of thousands of fans across the region and the world, a great many of them Filipino, are glued to YouTube every Friday night, which is when new episodes are uploaded.

Are there any Indian BL movies?

Indian LGBT Movies

  • Kapoor & Sons (2016) Not Rated | 132 min | Comedy, Drama, Family.
  • Onyo Opalaa (2015) Drama.
  • Sisak (2017) 16 min | Short, Drama, Romance.
  • Fire (1996) Unrated | 104 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama.
  • Mango Souffle (2002) Not Rated | 90 min | Comedy, Drama.
  • Memories in March (2010)
  • Amen (2010)
  • I Am (II) (2010)

Which country produces the most BL?

Thailand and Taiwan, the leading producers of these films, will release over 80 BL series in 2020 alone.