Why is it called the Cusack Stand?

Quickly, the stadium became colloquially known as Hill 16, and was subsequently joined by the Hogan Stand (named after Tipperary captain Michael Hogan) in 1924, the Cusack Stand (in honour of GAA founder Michael Cusack) in 1938, and the Nally Stand (after Pat Nally, another GAA founder) in 1952.

How do you get into Cusack stand?

Just before the railway overpass at the end of Drumcondra Road Lower, turn left onto Clonli e Road. Go through the tra c lights and take the next turn right onto St. Joseph’s Avenue. Arrival at the Cusack Stand Security will direct you to drive underneath the stadium around to the Hogan Stand.

Is the Davin Stand covered?

Not Covered – 161 spaces For Hogan/Davin Stand events, parking is available in the Davin Car Park.

What is the best seats in Croke Park for match?

I have sat in every section of Croke Park and I agree that lower Hogan is the best. And fingers crossed for no rain on the day as quite a bit of that section gets the rain. Upper Hogan is quite decent too but don’t go too far back as that’s not great for hurling.

Why is Hill 16 called Hill 16?

For the past two decades, Hill 16 has been officially named Dineen Hill 16 in honour of Frank Dineen – the man who bought the grounds of Croke Park for the GAA back in 1908.

When was the Cusack Stand rebuilt?

This redevelopment was staged in four phases starting in 1993 with a new Cusack Stand and culminating in 2005 with a new Hill 16. The redevelopment was completed in just over 12 years with no disruptions to any All-Ireland Finals.

Which side is the Hogan Stand?

The Hogan Stand entrance is on your left. For further information, visit AA Route Planner Ireland. The closest railway station is Drumcondra at the intersection of Drumcondra Road (N1) and Clonliffe Road, a 5 minute walk to the stadium.

How do you get to Cusack Stand in Croke Park?

From the City Centre At the railway bridge overpass on Drumcondra Road, turn right onto Clonliffe Road. Continue past the next set of traffic lights and turn right onto St Joseph’s Avenue for the Cusack stand entrance. Parking is available here.

How do I get into Davin Stand?

The new entry to the Davin Stand is through St Margaret’s Avenue, off North Circular Road. Patrons are to be aware of signage to this location and to allow sufficient time for ticket checks to be made at the rear of the Davin Car Park.

How do you get into Davin Stand?

From the City Centre At the junction with the North Circular Road, turn right onto The North Circular Road. Continue through the next set of traffic lights and turn left onto St Margaret’s Avenue and continue down the lane through the gates into the Davin Carpark stand entrance.

What seats in Croke Park are covered?

Croke Park seating plan Level 3. Seating rows start from pitch side row A to row Z. AA starts behind Z about halfway back from the sideline and goes to WW. Double letter rows are under cover.