Why is Steve guilty in Monster?

Steve is on trial for allegedly being the lookout in a serious crime that involved robbery and murder. The first reason leading to the belief in Steve Harmon’s guilt is where Steve says that the moment the murder was committed he was walking down the street, trying to make his mind a blank screen (Myers 128).

Is Steve guilty in the book monster?

In the novel Monster, the jury finds James King guilty of felony murder, but the narrator and protagonist, Steve Harmon, not guilty.

Why is the novel titled Monster What does the monster symbolize?

The novel is titled Monster because Steve Harmon, the novel’s protagonist, is referred to as a monster by the prosecuting attorney at the beginning of the trial. This drastically affects Steve’s perception of himself throughout the novel, and he begins to believe he is a monster.

What does the book monster say about truth?

Truth is based upon the opinion of an individual and how they perceive it. In the novel, Monster, there is not a lot of truth being exhibited, but just criminal testifiers who are doing it to get a lesser time in jail.

What is the theme of monster?

Dehumanization and Racism. Monster depicts the murder trial of Steve Harmon, a 16-year-old black kid from Harlem. Steve is accused of being an accomplice to the murder of an immigrant shopkeeper named Mr. Nesbitt, the result of a botched robbery.

Whose gun is used in the shooting monster?

Nesbitt, but the prosecution knows that Alguinaldo Nesbitt’s gun was used in the shooting. When Richard “Bobo” Evans testifies in order to receive a plea deal from the State, he says that James King wrestled the gun off of Nesbitt and shot him.

Who is Salvatore Zinzi?

Salvatore Zinzi is a dude who was out on Riker’s Island (and not on a vacation cruise) looking for a chance to escape his balmy jail cell, as well as Island predators (and we’re not talking about hyenas). He called his detective and got himself a get-out-of-jail-free card.

Who is George nipping in Monster?

George Nipping is a witness brought in by the defense of James King—the other defendant on the stand. George is supposed to provide testimony that will help the case of King. Steve describes Nipping as, “…about 50 and wears wire-rimmed glasses. He speaks precisely and generally makes a good impression.” (page 211).

How is her testimony discredited by Briggs?

Asa Briggs attempted to discredit Lorelle Henry’s testimony by getting her to admit that she was unsure when she identified James King as the person involved in the robbery. Briggs made it seem like the police gave Henry a few photographs and encouraged her to identify James King by placing him next to five suspects.

Why does Obrien want Steve to testify?

Why does O’Brien want Steve to testify? O’Brien wants Steve to testify so he can tell his side of the story and showcase him as a person. Why can’t King testify? King can’t testify because he already made a statement to the police saying he didn’t know Bobo Evans, and the prosecutor can prove he is lying.

What main points does Briggs make in his closing arguments to the jury?

Moore’s testimony because he feels that she is a reliable witness. Briggs ends his closing arguments by telling the jury that they should look no further than Bobo and Osvaldo Cruz, who have both admitted to participating in the crime.

What is the break that Zinzi refers to on page 34?

> Zinzi said that he wanted a break from jail. ( refer to page 34) > He was afraid that he would be gang raped. (

WHO calls Steve a monster?

Steve isn’t a person to Sandra. He is what she calls him: a monster. In her words, monsters are “people who are willing to steal and to kill, people who disregard the rights of others” (2.80).

What reason does Osvaldo give for his participation in the crime?

James King informs the detective that Steve pulled the trigger. What reason does Osvaldo give for his participation in the crime? He said that he was afraid of Steve, James King, and Bobo. Bobo had a knife.

Is Steve innocent in Monster?

In the novel Monster, Steve Harmon was put on trial for murder. I believe, however, that Steve Harmon is innocent. According to Osvaldo Cruz’s testimony on page 99, Steve was just a look out for the crime and didn’t participate in the robbery or the murder.

Is Steve innocent or guilty?

During a robbery of a drug store, the owner was shot and killed, and Harmon is under suspicion. However, he is innocent because the state’s witnesses can’t be trusted, there was no proof he was there, and he never completed his supposed task. All of this proves that Steve Harmon is innocent.

How does Steve change in Monster?

Just like us, Steve’s change is that he is now seeing himself in multiple and different lights, some that show him not to be a monster and some that do. His change is the confused and diverse understanding of self he now possesses.

What happened to Steve monster?

It is here where readers can assume that Steve has been found innocent. After the verdict has been read, Steve moves closer to his attorney (O’Brien) to hug her. She moves away from him. The novel ends with Steve’s thoughts five months after the trial.

Is Monster based on a true story?

Feb. 13 —, 2004 — The Academy Awards are coming up with Charlize Theron favored to win the Best Actress award for her role in Monster, which claims it is “based on a true story.” But it is not as true as you might think. As Monster tells it, one john brutally beats and rapes Wuornos in some very disturbing scenes.

What happens in the end of monster?

In the end. Johan escapes the hospital and he is now like the monster from the picture book, everyone who knew his past is dead and there is no one to call him by his name, as if he no longer exists and maybe now he has no motive to kill, somehow he was able to commit “perfect suicide” and survived!