Why is the Juicy Salif controversial?

Starck’s Juicy Salif citrus squeezer for Alessi caused controversy in the 1990s when it was first produced because it looked beautiful but was not at all practical for squeezing fruit. Alessi says that the project was deliberately poking fun at the idea that form should follow function.

Why is the Juicy Salif iconic?

The Juicy Salif is iconic in its own rights, iconic due to the history of its design, and the much-debated usability and worth. It is a successful product, only by its market performance. People are still buying this product to this day, not as a usable kitchen utensil, but as a piece of design.

How many juicy Salifs have been made?

Both now are collectors’ items, though an urban legend perpetuates the idea that the anthracite version is rarer than the gold-plated one. By 2003, a total of more than 500,000 of the iconic design artifacts had been sold.

What style is the Juicy Salif?

“Juicy Salif” Lemon Squeezer 1990. This lemon squeezer has become an icon of late-twentieth-century design. It is not only eminently functional, but it is also an indisputably sculptural object. Starck’s designs are frequently mysterious in their ambiguity—their purpose is not always at once identifiable.

Why is a Mexican elbow called a Mexican elbow?

This two in one Mexican Elbow lemon and lime squeezer is so called because of the popular combination of lemon and lime with the famous Mexican Beer.

Who invented lemon squeezer?

John Thomas White
John Thomas White invented the lemon squeezer for the purpose of efficiently making his own lemonade instead of buying it.

Who invented orange squeezer?

dating back approximately 150 B.C. The world’s first mechanical juicer… …was invented by Dr. Norman Walker in the early 20th century. Citrus juice was squeezed out of citrus fruit by the Norwalk, a hydraulic press juicer.

What is the Juicy Salif made from?

Description. The Juicy Salif lemon squeezer was designed by Philippe Starck for Alessi in the 1990s. It is made from cast aluminium with injection moulded polypropylene feet. The squeezer’s shape is based on that of a squid with a streamlined body and 3 legs and has become a design icon.

Where was the Juicy Salif lemon squeezer designed?

the Alessi Museum
As he beckoned to the waiter, Starck was suddenly seized by an idea. He began scribbling on his paper napkin. Twenty years on, that napkin is now in the Alessi Museum. Greasy and lemon-stained, it depicts the very first doodles of what would become the now iconic Juicy Salif lemon squeezer.

Who invented the lime juicer?

John Thomas White invented the lemon squeezer for the purpose of efficiently making his own lemonade instead of buying it.

Who made the Juicy Salif?

Philippe Starck
Controversial Lemon Squeezer in the collection at National Museums Scotland. This squeezer is shaped like a fluted teardrop on three long legs, of aluminium, called the ‘Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer’, designed by Philippe Starck for Alessi, Italy (K. 2015.23. 412).

Where was the Juicy Salif made?

The ‘Juicy Salif’ lemon squeezer was designed by Philippe Starck in France and manufactured by Alessi in Crusinallo, Italy in the 1990s.

What is the Juicy Salif and why is it controversial?

And so the Juicy Salif was born. The juicer itself and its usability as an everyday kitchen utensil are quite controversial. However, Starck himself says “It’s not meant to squeeze lemons, it is meant to start conversations”. And conversations it started. The lemon squeezer can be bought from this website below for £49.95.

Is the Juicy Salif an icon of post-modernism?

If the “Juicy Salif” has become an icon of post-modernism following the debate it engendered, other designers have also developed highly innovative citrus squeezers. They respond to new usage scenarios by considering the ergonomics of their products as important as aesthetics.

Is juicy salif the most famous lemon squeezer?

The result was that Juicy Salif became the most famous lemon squeezer in the history of design, a much critiqued but widely loved object-symbol.

How many Juicy Salif models are there?

Glorified, celebrated and critiqued, along the years Juicy Salif has come in many models – even a golden one – , and today, in celebration of its 25 years, it is introduced in two new versions: one in die-cast aluminium with a matte white ceramic cladding, and a limited edition in die-cast bronze (only 299 pieces).