Why is Tonbridge High Street shut?

The WHSmith store in Tonbridge High Street is to close this summer. It means the High Street will be without a Post Office, which is currently housed in the WHSmith store. The store will close at the end of July due to redevelopment plans drawn up by the landlord.

What happened at Tonbridge Castle?

About Tonbridge Castle A fire in 1088 destroyed the first castle at Tonbridge, and the evocative remains we see today are of a later castle which was considered to be one of the finest examples of a Motte and Bailey Castle in Kent.

What’s on in Tonbridge today?

What’s On In and Around Tonbridge

  • West Kent Garden and Craft Show.
  • Tonbridge Food and Drink Festival.
  • The Arts Society Tonbridge Talk: A Life of Art and Love – The Life and Works of Giacomo Puccini by R.
  • Audiojumble.
  • Riverhill Himalayan Gardens – Open Garden for NGS.
  • Mereworth Craft Fair.

Is Tonbridge up and coming?

In Kent, Tonbridge has seen the greatest spike, with demand rising 101 per cent year-on-year. According to the analysis, that is the highest increase in demand of anywhere in the UK. What is it about Tonbridge, however, that is attracting so much attention and what is it like to live there?

Who owned Tonbridge Castle?

Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council

Tonbridge Castle
Owner Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council
Open to the public Yes
Condition The motte and gatehouse survive
Site history

Who lived in Tonbridge Castle?

In the 20th century the Castle became a place of recreation for Tonbridge people. A later owner, John Hooker, sold stone from the castle to build locks on the River Medway, and in 1791 his son Thomas took more stone from the ruined walls to build the residence that now adjoins the Gatehouse.

When was Tonbridge Castle built?

13th century
Tonbridge Castle is the 13th century castle that is situated in Tonbridge, Kent, England.

Whats on in Sevenoaks today?

What’s On In and Around Sevenoaks

  • Sevenoaks Artisan Crafts and Gift Market.
  • Riverhill Himalayan Gardens – Open Garden for NGS.
  • A Night at the Opera with the Kemsing Singers.
  • St Clere – Open Garden for NGS.
  • Elgin House – Open Garden for NGS.
  • Little Gables – Open Garden for NGS.
  • West Kent Garden and Craft Show.

Is Tonbridge safe to live?

Crime and Safety Unsurprisingly for an area with such a tight knit community, the crime rate in Tonbridge falls in line with other similar sized towns in the UK. It also has a lower-than-average crime rate when compared with other areas of Kent, making Tonbridge a safe and secure place to live.