Why we need to save our nature?

Healthy ecosystems clean our water, purify our air, maintain our soil, regulate the climate, recycle nutrients and provide us with food. They provide raw materials and resources for medicines and other purposes. They are at the foundation of all civilisation and sustain our economies.

How can we save our nature?

Ten Simple Things You Can Do to Help Protect the Earth

  1. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Cut down on what you throw away.
  2. Volunteer. Volunteer for cleanups in your community.
  3. Educate.
  4. Conserve water.
  5. Choose sustainable.
  6. Shop wisely.
  7. Use long-lasting light bulbs.
  8. Plant a tree.

Why do we need to protect our environment essay?

Due to pollution and deforestation, the health of many people is poor. Conserving the Environment would certainly improve the health of people. Most noteworthy, saving Environment would reduce many diseases. Saving Environment would certainly protect the animals.

What is save nature?

We raise donations and awareness for biologically diverse ecosystems through our Adoption Programs, Conservation Meters, and Insect Discovery Lab. We partner with schools, universities, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, natural history museums, and science centers worldwide to protect wildlife and nature.

How can we save nature for kids?

So, here are 10 easy, everyday tips we can use to teach our kids to lighten their carbon footprint:

  1. Conserve water. When brushing teeth, turn off the water.
  2. Flick the switch. Turn off the light when you leave the room.
  3. Close the door.
  4. Start a Garden.
  5. Avoid disposables.
  6. Recycle.
  7. Reuse.
  8. Compost.

How can we save earth essay?

Ten Simple Things to Save the Earth

  1. Live by the mantra- Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.
  2. Keep our surroundings clean.
  3. Plant more trees.
  4. Conserve water and water bodies.
  5. Educate people about the significance of conserving nature.
  6. Shop wisely.
  7. Cycle more and drive fewer cars on the road.
  8. Use LED lights.

How can we save nature paragraph?

The nature saving steps include; cutting carbon, fossil fuels emission, reversing climate change, planting more and more trees, stopping use of plastic in all forms, preventing deforestation, using green energy, preventing water and soil pollution in all forms etc.

How can we save our environment 10 lines?


  1. Save water.
  2. Save electricity.
  3. Using reusable bags.
  4. Avoid taking cars as much as possible.
  5. Growing more trees and plants.
  6. Reducing pollution.
  7. Saving natural resources.

What is importance of nature?

It underpins our economy, our society, indeed our very existence. Our forests, rivers, oceans and soils provide us with the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we irrigate our crops with. We also rely on them for numerous other goods and services we depend on for our health, happiness and prosperity.

How can we save nature?

This counts as another mini way to save nature. Moreover, one must follow the rule of recycle, reuse and reduce. These are simple and smart ways that every person can adopt, making their contributions to save environment. 4. Compost:

How can we save the planet without a Green Cape?

Here are the top 9 things you can do to save the planet, with or without a green cape: 1. Stop eating meat (or at least reduce it). The Environmental Working Group found that red meat is responsible for 10 to 40 times as many greenhouse emissions as common vegetables and grains.

How to help save the environment everyday?

20 Easy Ways to Help Save the Environment Every Day. 1 Shorten Your Shower. While showering certainly saves more water than taking a bath, you can still make an impact here. Rather than leisurely scrubbing 2 Turn Off Your Computer at Night. 3 Use Paper Wisely. 4 Cut Down on Junk Mail. 5 Stop Running the Water When Brushing Teeth.

What will happen if we do not protect nature?

If on the other hand, we neglect nature and undertake actions that harm it, the more difficulties we will have to access clean essentials like water, food, and shelter. Polluted water sources and air will bring about devastating effects like diseases, such as cancer and various respiratory disease.