Will SSJ4 be in Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super clearly doesn’t consider Dragon Ball GT canon, either. SSJ4 has yet to appear and Super Saiyan God and Blue have taken on many of the same qualities as their forgotten predecessor, severely lessening the possibility of it ever returning.

Who does Super Saiyan 4 gogeta fight?

Dark Omega Shenron
Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta in Dragon Ball Xenoverse Gogeta appears in the GT Saga Second Half, to aid the Future Warrior in combating Dark Omega Shenron. Together with the Future Warrior they defeat Dark Omega Shenron, however before they can finish him off all three of them are swallowed up by Demigra’s Wormhole.

How do you unlock Ultra Omega Shenron?

To get him, you’ll need to clear all the missions in the “Behold… One Body with the Power of Seven!” event! Stages in the event also have a chance to drop “Tag: Shadow Dragon” Equipment as clear rewards, so you can chase powerful Equipment for your Shadow Dragon squad while you work on unlocking Omega Shenron!

Is Omega Shenron a God?

Transcended Demon God Xeno Omega Shenron By being gifted Demon God Demigra’s power, Xeno Omega Shenron achieves his own version of the Transcended Demon God form.

Who is the strongest Shenron?

Super Shenron Super Shenron is the most powerful Eternal Dragon (a special kind of wish-granting dragon.) He is also the largest dragon in the franchise, greater in size than clusters of galaxies. He was created when the Dragon God, Zalama, formed the Super Dragon Balls in the forty-first year of the Divine Calendar.

Can Broly go SSJ4?

Super’s introduction of Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue circumvented SS4, officially making it a thing of the series’ past. But just as Broly was re-imagined for Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the same can be done for Super Saiyan 4.

Is SSJ4 stronger than blue?

Super Saiyan Blue, however, is a stage beyond. It stands to reason, then, that Super Saiyan Blue as a form is significantly stronger than Super Saiyan 4. It would be like comparing Goku’s base form to his first Super Saiyan form in terms of power.