Will there be a Green Hornet 2 movie?

Because the movie didn’t perform commercially as expected, plans for a sequel were scrapped. There are a lot of questions surrounding The Green Hornet and Kato, particularly in terms of tone and setting.

Was Green Hornet a flop?

‘The Green Hornet’ is a flop of heroic scale.

Is Green Hornet DC or Marvel?

Trendle.” The Green Hornet is unique because it isn’t controlled by DC or Marvel. It’s a superhero franchise that began as a series of radio serials and gained mainstream popularity in the 60s thanks to the live-action TV show, which starred Bruce Lee as Kato.

Who built the Black Beauty car?

Dean Jeffries
For The Green Hornet television show of 1966 and 1967, with Van Williams as the stinger leading Bruce Lee, two Black Beauties were built by star Hollywood carmaker Dean Jeffries, both based on 1966 Imperials.

What kind of car was The Green Hornet?

THE Jan. 14 release of “The Green Hornet” gives occasion to recall that the first roadgoing 200-mile-per-hour car was a 1937 Lincoln-Zephyr. Black Beauty, the automotive star of the cliff-hanging “Green Hornet” movie serial of the 1940s, scorched Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles as the car of the series’ masked hero.

Is Kato a superhero?

Kato is a fictional character from The Green Hornet franchise. This character has appeared with the Green Hornet in radio, film, television, book and comic book versions….Kato (The Green Hornet)

Children Mulan Kato
Partnerships The Green Hornet
Abilities Master martial artist Automotive engineering expert
Martial arts Jiujitsu Kung-fu

How much money did Green Hornet lose?

The film received mixed to negative reviews from critics and grossed $227.8 million against a $110-120 million production budget.

What is the meaning of Green Hornet?

Green-hornet definition (military, informal) In the Vietnam War, a member of the US Air Force’s 20th Special Operations Squadron, who used the Bell UH-1F variant of the “Huey” military helicopter. noun.

What kind of car did Bruce Lee Drive in The Green Hornet?

1966 Chrysler Imperial
1966 Chrysler Imperial. This car is known as Black Beauty from The Green Hornet. The Green Hornet first debuted in the 30’s and was featured in a wide variety of media that includes comics, films, tv shows, radio and book. It featured Bruce Lee as Kato, The Green Hornets side kick.

What kind of car is a hornet?

The AMC Hornet is a compact automobile, manufactured and marketed by American Motors Corporation (AMC) and made from 1970 through 1977 — in two- and four-door sedan, station wagon, and hatchback coupe configurations.