Can a dentist straighten teeth with retainers?

When someone chooses a dental retainer to straighten their minimally crooked teeth, they will often need to wear the retainer somewhere between half a year to 18 months. A fixed retainer needs to be cemented into place, which means that it will stay firmly in place.

Can retainer move teeth back?

As we discussed before, retainers can’t move teeth back into place. Your old retainer will not work the same way as Invisalign as they are designed to keep teeth in place, not to move them.

How can I straighten my crooked bottom teeth?

Crooked bottom teeth can be caused by a narrow lower jaw or natural shifts in your teeth over time, among other reasons. Depending on the severity of your crooked teeth, treatment may include braces, invisible teeth aligners, a fixed retainer, or oral surgery. Transform your smile with Clear Aligners.

How long retainers straighten teeth?

However, many orthodontists recommend that people wear their removable retainer at all times for at least 9 months, according to one 2010 survey.

Should I wear my retainer if its tight?

As long as your retainer doesn’t hurt and still fits over your teeth, you can wear it even if it feels tight. This probably means that your teeth have shifted. In this case, you should wear your retainer longer each day to prevent your teeth from moving further.

Is it okay to force your retainer on?

If you have to force your retainer to fit, you shouldn’t wear it: forcing a retainer that doesn’t fit could damage your teeth or the retainer. Try gently putting the retainer back in your mouth: if you have to force it, then it no longer fits and you should not try to put it in your mouth.

How long does it take for teeth to shift back with retainer?

Fortunately, after you end your treatment, you have time to ensure they stay that way, as teeth take several years to fully shift back into their old positions. Most orthodontics recommend wearing retainers full-time for nine months to reduce post-braces teeth shifting.

Can you straighten just bottom teeth?

This is most common on the bottom row of teeth, so much so that many patients wonder if they can get braces just on their bottom teeth. The short answer is that it is possible, but it isn’t very common. There are a variety of reasons it is best to get braces put on all of your teeth at once.

Are bottom teeth harder to straighten?

The types of treatment available to straighten your front teeth are the same regardless of whether you want them on the top, bottom or both.

Can retainer straighten teeth without braces?

Removable retainers: The Inman Aligner is an even faster and also nearly invisible method of teeth straightening without braces. It can only straighten the front teeth, but can produce results in as little as six weeks. Just one clear, removable retainer is custom-made for each row of front teeth.

Is it OK to not wear retainer for 2 days?

If you accidentally forget to wear your removable retainer for a day or two, don’t worry too much. Resume your retainer regimen as instructed, and you should be fine. If it’s been longer than that, such as weeks, or even months, try it on to see if it still fits.

Is it OK to not wear retainer for one night?

When you forget to wear your retainers for one night or a few nights in a row, you may find that they are a little tight when you first put them in. This is ok as long as they begin to feel right again after a few hours. The teeth can often shift back into place when they are only slightly shifted.