Did Season 4 Finalists win?

Shyam Yadav

Season Duration Finalists
4 26 October 2013 – 22 February 2014 Shyam Yadav
5 27 June – 10 October 2015 Proneeta Swargiary
6 4 November 2017 – 18 February 2018 Sanket Gaonkar

Did sumedh won did?

Sumedh Mudgalkar (born 2 November 1996) is an Indian film and television actor, as well as a dancer….Awards and nominations.

Year 2019
Awards Indian Telly Awards
Category Best Onscreen Couple (Jury) (with Mallika Singh)
Work RadhaKrishn
Result Won

Who is the 1st runner-up of dance plus 4?

Finalists (top 4)

Sr. Artists Finish
1. Chetan Salunkhe Winner
2. Sujan and Aaanchel Runner-up
3. Vartika Jha 2nd Runner-up
4 V Unbeatable 3rd Runner-up

Who is dance plus 4 runner-up?

Chetan SalunkheDance Plus / Winner

Who came 2nd in India’s best dancer?

Roza Rana
Top 12 contestants

Sr. Contestants Status
1 Saumya Kamble Winner
2 Gourav Sarwan 1st Runner-up
3 Roza Rana 2nd Runner-up
4 Raktim Thakuria 3rd Runner-up

Who is the winner of DID 4?

The winner of the 4th season of the show was Shyam Yadav from ‘Mudassar Ki Mandali’. The runner-up was Manan Sachdev from ‘Shruti Ke Shandar’.

Who is the judge of Dance India Dance?

Terence Lewis. Terence Lewis is a specialised choreographer in different dance forms like Contemporary, neo-classical, Indian folk and many international dance forms. Lewis who is noted choreographer has also been judging in dancing shows which include Dance India Dance series, Nach Baliye.