How do you get arcanite bars in Wotlk?

Comment by 347714. Unlike most bars used for Blacksmithing, the Arcanite Bar is created via Transmute: Arcanite, not via Mining Skills. Consequently, you need an Alchemist to craft one, not a Blacksmith or Miner! There is currently no cooldown on Mining Skills, so you can create all the Arcanite Bar you need at once.

What do you need to make arcanite bar?

This item is created by alchemists using the Transmute: Arcanite ability which requires a skill level of 275 and a Philosopher’s Stone. The recipe can be learned from Alchemist Pestlezugg in Gadgetzan. Transmuting Arcanite will not trigger the shared cooldown.

How do you make a TBC arcanite bar?

100x Arcanite Bar (100x Thorium Bar + 100x Arcane Crystal + 100x Transmute: Arcanite)

Where do you get arcanite bars transmute?


Name Source
Recipe: Transmute Arcanite Alchemist Pestlezugg Vendor in Tanaris

What does delicate arcanite converter do?

This item is used in comverting your Tier 0 armor to Tier 0.5.

Where do I learn transmute Classic?

The Goblin in Gadgetzan has the skill for selling, unlimited. You need 275 in skill to learn it and hes in a small house in northern Gadgetzan.

Can you get arcane crystals from prospecting?

Thread: Arcane crystals – a question Yes, you cannot prospect for these. You have to farm for them now. The ore that has them is Thorium.

Where do I get a Philosopher’s Stone in wow?

This item can be purchased in Tanaris .

Can arcane crystals drop from small thorium?

Yes, it can be mined from small thorium veins.

Can you prospect thorium ore?

Every gem in an ore’s common results has the same probability of being found. Sometimes prospecting yields 2 of the gems in this group. Also, [Star Ruby] from [Thorium Ore] is an exception to the rule of equal probability as its drop rate is higher than the other common gems found in [Thorium Ore].

What is Purple Lotus used for WOW?

Purple Lotus is a Herb found in Felwood that can be gathered with Herbalism (210). Purple Lotus is one of the four types of Lotus and the most common of the four types….External links.

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