Is Army Painter paint any good?

Excellent high quality colors for metal and plastic miniatures. About the right consistency for base coating, but sometimes I’ll dilute it a little with water. Works great for dry brushing as well. I’ve come to prefer these paints over any other brand for painting my minis.

Is Army Painter wet palette worth it?

It’s an essential part of any serious miniature painter’s toolkit. The Army Painter Wet Palette is one of the best wet palettes on the market. It’s made of high-quality materials, and it’s easy to use. The best part is that it’s affordable, so it’s perfect for budget-minded hobbyists.

What kind of paint is the Army Painter?

acrylic paints
High-quality formula. Warpaints are high-quality acrylic paints with excellent consistency and opacity.

What are the best paint to use on Warhammer models?

What paint is best for Warhammer? The best paint for Warhammer is Citadel paint by Games Workshop, because Games Workshop created Warhammer – they know exactly how to paint it and what paint to use. Citadel paint has best base coats, shades, layer paint for Warhammer models.

How many ml are army painter?

18 ml
Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎The Army Painter
Size ‎18 ml (Pack of 1)
Colour ‎Matt White
Finish ‎Matte
Volume ‎18 ml

What size are Army Painter bottles?

12 ml
Perfect fox mixing you own secret recipes. Same dropper style, albeit in a 12 ml bottle. Labeled for easy viewing of the color inside and also plenty of space for your title, recipe, doodle, or whatever you need to identify your creations.

Are wet pallets worth it?

The initial benefit of a wet palette is that it keeps your paints wet for much longer. This immediately saves you money as the paint will not be drying out on your palette. Beyond that, it should also hold your paint consistency much longer.

How long does Army Painter paint take to dry?

The info I’ve found on Army Painter is that each coat dries within 10-15 min.

Where are Army Painter paints made?

Skanderborg, Denmark
Army Painter in a new state-of-the-art production facility in Skanderborg, Denmark.

What paint should I get for miniatures?

acrylic paint
The reason acrylic paint is considered the best miniature paint is that it can easily be sprayed and brushed on. Acrylic paints also come in paint markers for finer work. There is more than one choice when it comes to finishes and can vary from glossy finishes to flat.

Is Ceramite white?

Subject: Is Ceramite White that bad? This produces a smooth, thin, and opaque neutral white.