Is Maytag a good brand for washer and dryer?

Maytag Features If you’re looking for a seriously dependable washer and dryer, Maytag delivers. As a big player in the laundry scene since 1893, they have engineered their appliances to maintain top-notch performance for years to come.

Is Maytag washing machine a good brand?

Maytag washing machines are a popular choice for laundry rooms nationwide. With over a century of appliance-manufacturing experience, the brand has earned a reputation for its dependable and effective models. Once you’ve decided on the Maytag brand, there are multiple washers from which you can choose.

Which is best Whirlpool or Maytag?

Both brands’ washers intersect when it comes to smart capabilities and durability, but in the end, Maytag washing machines boast greater value across top-load and front-load models, as they stock more premium features compared to Whirlpool washers of a similar price.

What is the life expectancy of a Maytag washing machine?

11 years
A new washing machine has an average life expectancy of 11 years. Consumer Reports does not recommend replacing any appliance that is more than eight years old if it is a high-end model.

Is Maytag worth the money?

Maytag has been a household name for well over a century, with a solid rep as an affordable and reliable appliance brand. The company’s washer and dryer sets are among its most popular products. Like every product Maytag manufactures, these sets offer a lot of value for your money, and they’re remarkably affordable.

How often should you buy a new washer and dryer?

CR members expect a washer and dryer to last 10 years, on average, according to our 2018 survey. Most major manufacturers say you can expect at least that. Speed Queen is unusual in that it claims its machines can last roughly 25 years.

What brand of washer and dryer has the least problems?

As for the fraught topic of reliability and durability, our best guess is that LG is the safest bet among the mainstream brands. In 2020, Yale Appliance sold 2,270 LG front-loaders and made 161 service calls on them—that’s less than 7 percent, compared with an average of 12.94 percent among other brands’ front-loaders.