What does Raker mean?

raker. / (ˈreɪkə) / noun. a person who rakes. a raking implement.

Is Raker a word?

Yes, raker is in the scrabble dictionary.

How do you spell Coutie?

Correct pronunciation for the word “Cutie” is [kjˈuːti], [kjˈuːti], [k_j_ˈuː_t_i].

What’s a home wrecker mean?

Definition of home-wrecker : someone who has an affair with a married person and causes that person’s marriage to fail.

What is cooties slang for?

As a nickname for body lice or head lice, cooties first appeared in trenches slang in 1915. It’s apparently derived from the coot, a species of waterfowl supposedly known for being infested with lice and other parasites.

Is Homewrecking a crime?

Alienation of affection laws, sometimes known as “homewrecker” laws, allow the spouse to sue another person for “purposefully interfering with the marital relationship,” according to Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute.

Whats a homewrecker grenade?

The team seems to carry at the very least three types of grenades: Flash Crash grenade – hand grenade simulator or a variation of a stun grenade Homewrecker – which seems to be another name for a thermobaric device Fragmentation – rapid expansion of air through the ears will cause massive, instantaneous brain damage.

Are cooties STDS?

Cooties is a fictitious childhood disease, commonly represented as childlore.

What is the opposite of cooties?

Opposite of a small arthropod that has six legs and, generally, wings. bigwig. eminence. figure. kahuna.

Can I sue the man that slept with my wife?

If you want to file a lawsuit against your husband’s mistress or your wife’s paramour, you will need to file an alienation of affection lawsuit. According to Elle, these lawsuits are “rare in the U.S. overall, but they are somewhat common, though controversial, in North Carolina.”