What government systems did ancient Greece have?

The four most common systems of Ancient Greek Government were:

  • Democracy – rule by the citizens of a city.
  • Monarchy – rule by an individual who had inherited power.
  • Oligarchy – rule by a select group of powerful or wealthy individuals.
  • Tyranny – rule by an individual who had seized power by force.

What type of government was Athens?

Athenian democracy
OligarchyAristocracyDirect democracyMonarchy
Classical Athens/Government

What are the government systems?

There are three main systems of government used today: unitary systems, federal systems, and confederate systems.

How did Greece use democracy?

Greek democracy created at Athens was direct, rather than representative: any adult male citizen over the age of 20 could take part, and it was a duty to do so. The officials of the democracy were in part elected by the Assembly and in large part chosen by lottery in a process called sortition.

What are the 4 systems of government?

Democracy, Monarchy and Dictatorship: Types of Government Systems

  • Democracy. A democracy can be defined as a government system with supreme power placed in the hands of the people.
  • Republic.
  • Monarchy.
  • Communism.
  • Dictatorship.

What are the five system of government?

The Five Most Common Political Systems Around the World

  • Democracy.
  • Republic.
  • Monarchy.
  • Communism.
  • Dictatorship.

What are all the systems of government?

What government was ancient Athens?

The first known democracy in the world was in Athens. Athenian democracy developed around the fifth century B.C.E. The Greek idea of democracy was different from present-day democracy because, in Athens, all adult citizens were required to take an active part in the government.