What kind of fish are in 6 mile lake?

Game Fish Species: Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Muskellunge, Lake Whitefish, Burbot, Channel Catfish, Smelt, Black Crappie.

Is Six Mile Lake good fishing?

About Six Mile Lake “Six Mile Lake, alongside Six Mile Lake Provincial Park, is a popular spot for fishing, as well as other aquatic recreation. The most popular sport fish in Six Mile Lake is bass, though there are reports of walleye, muskie and pike as well.

Where can I fish in Six Mile Lake?

Six Mile Lake is best fished from a boat with launching facilities available at Six Mile Lake Provincial Park and at the free boat launch near Whites Falls. Adjacent to the falls is also one of the premier shore fishing opportunities but camp visitors do have some success wading the shorelines out from the park.

Where is the best place to go pike fishing?

Top 10 Places To Catch Giant Pike

  • 9 Rainy Lake, Ontario.
  • 1 Yukon River, Alaska.
  • 5 Taltson River, Northwest Territories.
  • 7 Misaw Lake Lodge, Saskatchewan.
  • 8 Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan.
  • 10 Colorado Reservoirs, U.S.
  • 2 Lac La Martre, Northwest Territories.
  • 3 Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories.

Where is Six Mile Lake?

Township of Georgian Bay
Six Mile Lake is in the Township of Georgian Bay, Muskoka, Ontario and has a Provincial Park.

How long is Six Mile Lake?

Six Mile Lake is next to Hungry Bay and is located in Ontario, Canada. Six Mile Lake has a length of 82.72 kilometres.

Where do big pike hang out?

Any areas of slack water are prime places to find big pike. Whether a bay set aside from the main flow, adjoining dyke, rear of an island or behind a man-made structure, these features create the perfect slack water where pike like to lurk.

Are pike good to eat?

Pike meat is white, flavorful, and flaky, but is quite boney. Pike are boney fish. Small pike are more difficult to clean and eat because there is simply less meat on the bones. Older fish, those in the 24″ and over range, are better for eating than the small ones, although both have a good flavor.

Can you swim 6 mile lake?

With three sandy beaches, calm waters for swimming and scenic hiking trails make Six Mile Lake an ideal spot for a weekend camping getaway.

Are dogs allowed at Six Mile Lake?

The park has three sandy beaches, including a designated dog beach. The pet exercise area, located in the main day use area just below the picnic shelter, has a pet exercise beach area. This is the only public beach in the park where pets are permitted.

What’s the best time of day to catch pike?

Time of day As another rule of thumb, the best times for pike are usually around sunrise and sunset. However, since in spring the weather isn’t as harsh yet and water temperatures allow pike to hunt for longer – you can successfully catch pike throughout the day.