What would happen if all school rules and regulations were suddenly suspended?

When all school rules and regulations are suddenly suspended, students are definitely free to do whatever they think are right. There will no longer be basis to discipline the students.Azar 10, 1398 AP

What should be the underlying values for these rules?

Answer. The Values Underlying the Rule of Law. The Rule of Law is violated, on this account, when the norms that are applied by officials do not correspond to the norms that have been made public to the citizens or when officials act on the basis of their own discretion rather than norms laid down in advance.Azar 6, 1397 AP

What is the basis of rules?

Instead of having multiple ideologies being debated constantly, rules help a society move forward as it shows the majority’s views. Thus, rules should be formulated in such a manner that it does not have an adverse effect on the society and at the same time is easy to follow by the entire society.Mordad 2, 1397 AP

What are the result of disobeying rules and regulations?


  • Unhappiness.
  • Punishment (let them mention different kinds of punishment).
  • Denial of privileges such as food, playing with the mates, etc.
  • Rejection by loved ones.

What will happen if we do not follow school rules?

Originally Answered: What will happen if I do not follow school rules? In the public school system you will eventually end up at a Juvenile Delinquent facility and growing crops and tilling the fields when you are not in class or mandatory study time.

Why is it important to follow classroom rules?

Classroom rules are the foundation for a functional and successful classroom in any setting. Rules vary from procedures as they determine what the classroom looks like, what type of behavior is acceptable and encouraged, and help students work towards a common goal. In other words, they set the tone.