Who is the Laughing Man in when you reach me?


Why did Sal stop talking Miranda?

It also might be because Sal knows that Miranda would want to tell on Marcus and that he didn’t want to think about it anymore. Miranda probably want to get revenge on Marcus which Sal wouldn’t want.

Where does Miranda find the first note?

school knapsack

What did Miranda and Marcus’s conversations about time travel foreshadow?

What did Miranda and Marcus’s conversations about time travel foreshadow? Marcus would fall in love with Julia. Marcus would eventually achieve time travel.

Where did Miranda find the second note?

Jimmy’s sandwich shop

What is the climax of when you reach me?

The climax of the novel comes when Sal is saved by the Laughing Man, who becomes a figure of supreme sacrifice. Miranda also has her first revelation in this portion of the novel (a climax in and of itself) when she finally figures out that the Laughing Man was the person sending the notes.

What age is when you reach me book appropriate for?

What is the main idea of when you reach me?

The novel contains three story lines — the appearance of Miranda’s mom on the game show, The $20,000 Pyramid, Miranda’s best friend Sal suddenly not talking with Miranda, and the appearance of a laughing man. Central themes in the novel include independence, redemption and friendship.

Where does Miranda find the third note?

The Third Note Miranda’s mom is still in bed, so she grabs some money out of her mom’s pocket. On her walk to school she finds something in her pocket: the third note.

What is the genre of when you reach me?

Young adult fiction

What is Miranda mom name in when you reach me?


Why is when you reach me a good book?

Young readers will relate to Miranda’s gradual, sometimes painful self-awareness, though they might find its 1979 setting quaint as characters actually talk to each other (rather than text or IM). With its mystery hook, this is one of those well-written books that should appeal to both librarians AND kids.

What is the problem in when you reach me?

The conflict is Miranda is trying to find out who is giving her the notes and why did Marcus punch Sal. The story is set a long time ago, in 1719. Inciting event:The inciting event is when the door is left unlocked, the key goes missing, and Miranda receives her first note.

When you reach me ending explained?

At the end, Miranda figures out the puzzle. The homeless man was Marcus, from the future to save Sal from his younger self. She also finds out that Marcus and Julia ended up together for many years.

What does the second note say in when you reach me?

The Second Note It says that she must tell a “true story” and that most of what will be in the story has not yet taken place (20.4). The postscript asks her not to share the note with anyone – like she did the first note.

Is there a movie for the book when you reach me?

Amber Entertainment wins film rights to ‘When You Reach Me’ Newberry Medal-winning children’s book. Amber Entertainment has won a bidding war for feature rights to Rebecca Stead’s science fiction novel “When You Reach Me.” Book was recently awarded the Newbery Medal for children’s literature.

What does Miranda’s mom use to measure a half minute?

She used a fat green marker, also swiped from work, to draw a pyramid on April 27, with dollar signs and exclamation points all around it. She went out and bought a fancy egg timer that can accurately measure a half minute.

Who is Belle in when you reach me?

Belle is a shopkeeper who listens to Miranda prattle on about her favorite book, A Wrinkle in Time. Belle always gives Miranda vitamin C tablets to chew. She is an important part of Miranda’s neighborhood and adds color to the novel’s portrayal of New York City life.

What grade level is the book when you reach me?

When You Reach Me

Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 3 – 8 39253

Who is Sal in when you reach me?

Sal has been Miranda’s best friend since she was a very tiny girl, and she thinks of him as her other half. One of the phrases the she repeats through the novel is “Sal and Miranda, Miranda and Sal,” which reminds us just how closely the two were joined together when they were kids (5.9).