Who was Walter McPhillamy?

McPhillamy, of Orton Park, was a prominent local citizen who served many years on both Bathurst and Abercrombie Shire councils, serving as Bathurst mayor on five occasions. He was passionate about the progress of Bathurst and served on many other organisations.

Why is it called Conrod Straight?

Formerly known as Main Straight, Conrod Straight was so named because of a con-rod failure that ended the 1939 Easter race of Frank Kleinig in his Kleinig/Hudson racecar.

Has there been any deaths at Bathurst?

Mike Burgmann became the first driver to die while competing in the Bathurst 1000 when he was pronounced dead on arrival at Bathurst Hospital.

Was Mt Panorama a volcano?

Until a few years ago this mountain, or, more precisely, this hunk of misshapen volcanic rock, was known as Mt Panorama. Rarely would you hear much about it in between the famous races – the Bathurst 1000 and the Bathurst 12 Hour – held in October and February respectively on the 6.2 kilometre circuit.

Why is it called forests elbow?

Forrest’s Elbow Named after Jack Forrest, a motorcycle racer who scraped his elbow away after dropping his bike on the corner, it is a sharp left-hand turn that leads on to the high-speed straight on Con-rod.

Who was Bathurst named after?

Lord Bathurst
Macquarie proclaims the town The Governor and Mrs Macquarie travelled by carriage and arrived on their namesake river 10 days later. There they camped for a week and chose a suitable site for a town they named Bathurst, after the Secretary of State for War and the Colonies, Lord Bathurst.

How many drivers killed at Bathurst?

Sixteen competitors have died during racing associated with Mount Panorama, including 1967 World Drivers’ Champion Denny Hulme who died after suffering a fatal heart attack while at the wheel of his car.

When was the last death at Bathurst?

His V8 Supercar series debut was in a Ford Falcon at Wakefield Park in 2002, and he debuted in the Bathurst 1000 the same year….Mark Porter (racing driver)

Mark Porter
Died 8 October 2006 (aged 32) Sydney, Australia
V8 Supercar Development Series
Years active 2002–2006
Teams Independent Race Cars MSport Team Kiwi Racing

How did Mount Panorama get its name?

Circuit History The Mount was called ‘Waluu’, which means ‘to watch over’ and it was from the vantage points now known as Skyline & McPhillamy Park that the young Wiradjuri men would watch over their land and the movements of travellers to and from the valley.

Why did they add the chase to Bathurst?

Added in 1987, the Chase was added in preparation for the World Touring Car Championship to adhere to FIA rules. The length of Conrod Straight exceeded the maximum length allowed on a WTCC track, and therefore was built to standard.

Who holds the fastest lap record at Bathurst?

Waters clocked a 2:03.559s to score pole in 2020, which is the incumbent qualifying lap record. The fastest ever lap is McLaughlin’s 2:03.481s set in Practice 5 in 2019.

What is the indigenous name for Mount Panorama in Bathurst?

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What is the history of Mount Panorama?

The hill upon which the Mount Panorama track lies is also known by its traditional name Wahluu, which means “young man’s initiation place”. The area’s racing history dates back to the 1900s.

What was the first ever Grand Prix on Mount Panorama?

On 16 April 1938, Mount Panorama attracted an overwhelming 20,000 spectators to its first race, The Australian Tourist Trophy. Photographs of the early days of racing on Mount Panorama show the crowd leaning over wire fences, vehicles on dirt tracks, officials in canvas tents, and drivers with gloves, goggles and jacket, but no helmet.

Why is Mount Panorama the mecca of motor racing?

Mount Panorama is indisputably a Mecca for motor racing fans all over Australia and around the world. On 16 April 1938, Mount Panorama attracted an overwhelming 20,000 spectators to its first race, The Australian Tourist Trophy.